The Next Year, Or So | Emily Rebecca

If you’re new to this blog I’d check out my first blog post incase you’re a little confused as to what I’m talking about here. Basically, I want to do so many different things now that I’m out of education and I thought this would be a nice thing to share with you all. So, if you’re interested carrying on reading to find out what I hope to do with my life in the next year and ever further beyond that.

Blogging and YouTube

First and foremost as you’re probably all well aware, I’m going to be putting 110% of my time into My Year Out and More, both on the blogging side of things and the YouTube side of things. I started this blog in order to help myself with my writing, confidence and really to just enjoy my year out. I know it’s going to be challenging and a hell of a lot of work but I’m so ready to dive in and enjoy it! I’m hoping to upload blog posts weekly but don’t quote me and upload on YouTube basically whenever I have anything interesting to share with you all so stick around for that!


I’ve already got myself a trip booked to Turkey in July with my family but I’d love to do so  much more travelling this year! I absolutely adore the feeling of immersion in other cultures, traditions and surroundings which I can’t wait to do more of in the next year or so. Granted, right now I don’t really have the money saved to do this but I intend to work my little ass off to help myself along the way. At the top of my list is Asia just in general, I would love to explore the continent to its fullest and hopefully the next few years (probably not this one) will allow me to do that.


I also want to travel lots within UK, it’s tiny in comparison to other countries across the world but I’ve barely seen any of it. I really want to attend some conventions and events across UK and see some really interesting and cool parts to the country while I’m at it.

Write More

I can’t stress enough how excited I am to do this more in the coming year since with school work, exams and everything else I really just haven’t had the time lately. I have such a passion for writing, especially writing script and screenplays that knowing I will have time next year makes me giddy! I recently wrote my first short film, nothing massive but the satisfaction of finishing it and knowing that I created something made me so happy and I really want to get that rush again. I really want to start writing some more short films and sort of TV pilots as well as challenging myself to write in different genres, may the comedy Gods be with me when I attempt that one. I also really want to publish some of my work more and collaborate with different people if I can.


Ugh, this one sounds like a drag. It’s sounds stupid but I’m so excited to work both in helping to pursue my ambitions and career but also just to earn a little cash. Throughout sixth form I never had a job, I had applied for a couple but whenever they seemed to come around it was always at the worst times like just before exams, right before a holiday or just really busy periods. Having the opportunity to bring in my own income is going to be so good for me, providing I can find a job, which will no doubtedly help me in the future.

WSC London 2017

I almost had a breakdown moment meeting Sarah, I promise I held it together.

Without a doubt THE most exciting thing in my 2017. In February of 2016 I attended Walker Stalker Con in London which was the first of its kind in the UK. I only attended one day but had the best time of my life, getting to meet some of the people I admired most in the world and just generally browsing around the convention seeing and meeting people that enjoyed The Walking Dead as much as I did. This year I sort of know what to expect and with my VIP ticket which will shave an hour off my time standing in the queue outside, I’ll hopefully get to see so much more.

So yeah, basically that’s everything I want to do this year, I suppose it could be summarised into travel, work, write and work a little bit more! Let me know what you really want to do in the next year or perhaps ever further on in your life, I haven’t really thought that far ahead yet!



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