What’s In My Travel Carry On | Emily Rebecca

Very very soon, I’ll be leaving to spend a week in Turkey with my family which I’m so excited for. Turkey is somewhere that holds a very special place in my heart, since I’ve been going there for the last 7 years. This being said, I’m still yet to master what to take in my carry on bag for a 4 hour flight. Granted it’s not too long of a flight but I’m one of those people who gets very bored very easily without wifi so this is a stretch for me! I thought I’d let you in on some of my little secrets that help me endure the flight.

The Essentials


Phone, iPod, iPad, Headphones, Chargers, Camera

Whilst I know I can’t use my phone on the plane I like to have it at hand just so I don’t lose if it my suitcase was to go missing or anything else like that. This is also why I bring my chargers and camera in my bag because God forbid if I lost them I would be lost. I also always take my iPod and headphones wherever I go because I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to function without music. I could honestly just sit with eyes closed and my headphones in all day and not get bored. My iPad is also coming on my flight with me, just incase I want to play any games on the plane or read any comic books that I may have backed up on to here. I’m also taking my iPad to make sure I don’t fall behind on blogging and uploading, dedicated soul right here! You may be wondering why I don’t carry my passport and purse, well since I’m going on the family holiday my parents tend to keep them for me. I may be 18 but I still don’t trust myself!

The Rest

Colouring Book and Pencils, Reading Books, Glasses, Sunglasses, Face Wipes

I’m taking a colouring book and pencils on my flight because as I said before I get really really bored. I also think that this will be so handy in those awkward mid afternoon moments when you’re sitting in your hotel room not really knowing what to do until you go out for food. I recently grabbed the Harry Potter colouring book, hence why it isn’t in this photo and I could not be happier about it! I’m also taking a couple of reading books. Since on this holiday I’m only going for a week, I’ll only be taking 2-3 books however normally on a 2 week holiday I take maybe 4-5. I haven’t quite decided yet which books I’m taking so these are just a selection. With reading comes my glasses. I don’t massively need glasses but if I’m reading for a long period of time I need them on otherwise I get the shittiest headaches which I’m really not down for when I’m in the air. I also take my sunglasses on flights with me, not because I need them its basically so I know where they are when I get off the flight. Finally I’ll be taking some face wipes with me. I don’t tend to wear makeup when I fly but I still like to be able to freshen up my face and hands when I get off the plane. Again I’ve just recently grabbed these hence why they aren’t in the photo. I really need to get better at this whole blogging thing huh!



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