SDCC: A TV Show Roundup | Emily Rebecca

Wow! This is super late but OMG HOW AMAZING WAS SDCC THIS YEAR! Every year the anticipation of being able to watch all of the comic con panels and interviews about my favourite shows makes me weak at the knees and every year I’m not disappointed. IN this post I’m going to have a little chat, a little chin wag if you will about my thoughts on SDCC!

TV Show Exclusives

Bloody Nora! If you know me at all, you know that I am way more into TV than film which I mean isn’t anything against all the amazing films that are out there right now, it’s just my heart lies with TV. This year we got so many exclusives and inside secrets from the world of television such as The Walking Dead, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Fear The Walking Dead, Prison Break to name but a few! Here’s some of the things I found fucking awesome!


The Arrow cast singing Hamilton Haven’t even seen it, perhaps I will look into it now.

Tom Felton saying that Grant Gustin reminded him of Harry Potter Grant’s little face was a picture!

SHIVA If you know you know

LEGION OF DOOM Not much more to say on that matter other than CAPTAIN COLD IS ALIVE AND WELL

And finally…

Andrew Lincoln attempting to glitter bomb Norman Reedus and failing Oh Andy, nice try. But you’re beard looked nice!

Let me know what got you way to excited at SDCC this year! I mean there’s probably so many more things that I could’ve talked about that didn’t even occur to me!


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