Discussion: Talking Dead Season 7 Special | Emily Rebecca

October seems like such a long way away right? I mean, it really isn’t but in my mind it’s been a good 27 years since the season 6 finale aired and one of our beloved characters died, I’m still in denial. Luckily for us, last night Chris Hardwick gave us a little insight into season 7 of The Walking Dead through a special episode of Talking Dead alongside special guests Austin Amelio, who you may know as Dwight and TWD superfan, actress Yvette Nicole Brown.

The special itself was much like any other Talking Dead episode, a light entertaining programme which usually airs after whatever devastation has occurred on TWD in the previous hour. Chris Hardwick even referred to himself as ‘The Walking Dead Customer Service’ as he seems to deal with emotionally tormented and often angry fans!

Now getting down to business, a lot was talked about regarding season 7 of show particularly regarding the highly anticipated season premiere. When asked what filming that was like Amelio said that it was “really heavy and emotional” and that “there was not a light mood on set” going on to say he had never experienced anything like it.

Various cast members also gave exclusive videos preparing fans for the season 7 premiere including Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs and Melissa McBride. Reedus said that his tip whilst watching the premiere would be to “Get someone you care about and hold their hand”, whilst McBride said that you should “Have someone with you that you love” and it’s “going to be rough” and we will not be prepared.

Moving away from all the doom and gloom of Negan and Lucille we also got to see a little bit of the Kingdom being mentioned and a discussion on how it will be interesting to see where Carol and Morgan move forward in their own journeys once they reach there. Side note I’m WAY too excited to meet Shiva, I want my own pet tiger.

Since, Austin Amelio was on the couch it seemed fitting that the sneak peak of the upcoming season involved Dwight where we saw him on *cough* Daryl’s *cough* bike coming up to a bunch of walkers on the ground under a bridge. At the end of the clip we see Dwight seemingly smash one of their heads in with his foot. I was excited to see a little teeny tiny clip of season 7 since I knew for a fine fact that we really were going to see next to nothing.

Amelio as Dwight in season 6

To round up the show a statement from executive producer Scott M. Gimple was given about what was to come in the season premiere and onwards from that. Within his statement he said that “the beginning is someone’s end and it will shatter the lives of those who survive” however we will continue to see “a new world and unthinkable dangers”.

I for one am blissfully unaware of pretty much anything in terms of spoilers and I really don’t want to see anything before the season premiere on October 23rd on AMC. To me, all of my favourite characters are totally and utterly fine (don’t judge me). Let me know if you enjoyed this special and what you are most looking forward to in season 7. I have plenty of posts to come with all my predictions and reviews once the show starts up again in October.



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