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Be prepared this is going to be a lengthy, rant type of blog post which isn’t something I usually do but I felt like it needed to be done. Basically, at the time of writing this I am majorly, majorly pissed off. Tonight I realised that one of my favourite bands twenty øne piløts would be playing Reading festival and whilst I was beyond gutted I couldn’t be there I thought I’d watch the live stream anyways to at least pretend I was. For the majority of the time watching the stream I was singing my heart out, longing to be at the festival where my favourite band was playing but by the end of the set it was a whole different story.

If you’re a fan of twenty øne piløts then you’ll know that they go all out in their shows through their involvement with their fans, allowing themselves to be held up by them at different points in the show. They also have a massive finish when playing one of their most well known tracks ‘Car Radio’ which looked like what they intended to do on this occasion alas this didn’t happen. From what I could see and from what I’ve heard from other people, security wouldn’t allow Tyler, the vocalist for those of you who don’t know, to get to the platform in the centre of the crowd which he usually sings from. This prompted him to attempt to crowd surf to the platform. While this probably wasn’t the best idea, I don’t think he could’ve expected what happened next. Tyler ended up in the crowd, having his t shirt ripped to shreds, mask ripped off and his shoes stolen off his feet whilst half of the crowd didn’t even attempt to help him to the platform. This resulted in the set being either cut/ending without the final part of Car Radio being played.

I’m unaware of what actually went down since I wasn’t there myself but it was an absolute shamble. Security clearly didn’t do as much as they could’ve as I myself heard one of them say “That’s enough, come on now” to someone in the crowd over Tyler’s microphone but no attempt was made to help him back. Now, not for one minute am I saying that it was their fault but I personally feel they could’ve helped the situation more.

This post isn’t really about this whole situation as the message I want to convey here is a message about respect. Bands such as twenty øne piløts clearly have so much faith in their fans that they would think it was okay to do something like this without being mobbed. I’ve attended one of their gigs before and felt nothing but love and support from surrounding fans but if I had of been front and centre I think I would’ve wanted to come home there and then.

Celebrities have so much gratitude towards their fans, after all they are the ones keeping them afloat. I’ve attended gigs and conventions alike where I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of my favourite celebrities and have always been treated with respect from them whether this be through a hand shake, a hug or kind words that we’ve exchanged in conversation which are some of the fondest memories I have of any point in my life. I know that this comes from a feeling of give and take, I respect them and they give me that in return. I also know that a lot of the time when attending bigger scale conventions, people seem to get annoyed when someone they would like to meet either can’t attend or chooses not to attend. This often results in said celebrity receiving verbal abuse or harassment from people who claimed to be their ‘fans’ and support system. Events like this one at Reading really bring it home as to why some celebrities feel as anxious as they do at such events and why sometimes it just isn’t possible for them to attend them.

I guess what I’m basically trying to say is, respect is a two sided thing and if you give it, you’ll receive it. Remember, those people that you look up to are just as human as you are and deserve to be treated as such.


3 thoughts on “Respect | Emily Rebecca

  1. Hi Emily! I read your post with great interest and am thankful for your beautiful thoughts. As I attended the show I thought I would write you what I experienced. First of all: I came all the way from Austria to Reading just to see TØP (and fall out boy on Sunday, but mostly tøp:)) They didn’t get the main stage which was a big mistake because the tent – and it is the biggest rent I have seen in my whole life – was too small for the people who wanted to fit in. One act cancelled and there was more waiting time before their show. And it was hot, nearly 30 degree and sun on the tent roof the whole day meaning that the air was thick and dusty. The band who performed before tøp was crystal castle and I don’t know if you know them…pretty heavy stuff. —

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  2. —stroboscope and stuff and many people of the clique showed the sign to the camera. And when Crystal Castles finished there was a big push because people didn’t leave the tent but tried to get in. I stood in the middle-left and it was impossible to breathe, or yet to move. I was trapped with sweaty, partly crying people, people fainting and people being on all kinds of drugs. We had to wait again and everything got tenser, then the crowed began to sway and I felt like I had to get out. I was so afraid that the crowd would at one point or the other, start panicking and pushed to the left hand side where I was soon stuck again. In this moment of, I don’t know what, the crowed began to sing with Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive that was played in the intermission and that gave me the chills. Imagine 30.00, 40.000 people singing. That was the moment were I though f* it, I stay. The Pilots are the reason why I came all the way, I WANT to stay in the tent and see them. When they came on, the emotions were overwhelming, being mixed with the heat and the dust in the air. We could move but move with everyone around us. I had to put my chin up in order to breath (I am not small, but not tall enough). When Josh drummed the first bars of “We don’t believe whats on TV”, a wave came from the right and a circle of about 100 people were blown off their feet, inlcuding me. I fell on a girl, two boys fell on me and I though that now everything was over. Crazy. We pulled each other up and helped each other, but as soon as we were halfway up, a new wave knocked us over again.
    And that is exactly what happened, when Tyler got in the crowd. I was so afraid for him, when he entered because the crowd was the most scary thing I have ever experienced, but he went in bona fide that he will get out again. People didn’t drop him on purpose, but people tried to get closer and there was this forces that just went through the crowed (being started at one end and evolving to some kind of domino effect), so people were knocked over.
    So apart from the problem with the light and the problem of too many people in a too small room, people were still nice and saying “sorry” and helping each other as much as they could. And even as Reading being a festival, where many different fans come to see shows, I dare to say that there was a very high percentage of clique/fans in the tent. You could hear them sing every word and screaming on top of their voices…
    The messages stays the same anyway: be respectful and take care for one another.
    I am sorry for this mega long comment…I just thought you would be interested.
    Darling, thank you for your beautiful post.
    A big hug from Austria!!

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    1. Thank you! I heard from a few people that in no way was it the clique that was being the bad people within the crowd but in fact they were the exact opposite! I heard they were the ones shouting to get help and I had no doubt in my mind that the clique would never ever attempt to hurt Tyler, Josh or anyone around them! I hope you had a great weekend overall though and thanks for taking the time to comment!


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