The Walking Dead: Who Got Lucilled? – My Negan Death Predictions | Emily Rebecca

Please note I wrote these predictions in June but still have my top two contenders on this list!

If you watched The Walking Dead season six finale live then you’ll have seen the instant reactions all over the internet from fans giving their opinion of who met their end courtesy of Negan and Lucille. I was one of those people who scrolled through my entire Twitter feed to see what everyone thought and although there were some names that dominated my feed, it seemed that most people couldn’t make up their minds. Now, with season seven just around the corner I have my top three death predictions for you all.

1. Glenn


As much as it pains me to say it and believe me I have cried at the thought of losing him, my first prediction is Glenn. When we lost Glenn in ‘Thank You’ I cried my eyes out but then had a strange feeling that the episode was too ominous for him to really be dead. It’s safe to say I was overly excited when we found out everyone’s favourite pizza delivery boy was alive in ‘Heads Up’. Some people seem to think that since Glenn has already had his near death experience this season and the fact that Negan already had an interaction with him when Maggie was threatened makes him safe. I’m not overly convinced as if you’re a comic book reader like me, you’ll know that Glenn is the one who dies at the hands of Lucille and it’s brutal. Whilst I know that the show is notorious for changing certain comic book deaths and the characters that face them, in this case I think that it would make sense in terms of storytelling to keep this death the same.

2. Abraham


Honestly, out the possible characters that I think could die Abraham is the one I would be least upset to see go. Not that I have anything majorly against him it’s just that there’s other characters that I really don’t want to die. In the comic books, Abraham is already dead at this point after meeting the same fate that Denise did in the show which is one of the key reasons why I think that it could be him time to go. Another reason why Abe is in my top death predictions is that he hasn’t had anything majorly go bad for him this season. In fact, in the season finale he and Sasha were talking about what they wanted to do in the future and as we know with this show, happiness doesn’t last long. Abraham also  no longer has the burden of Eugene, who in a heartfelt speech in the season finale said that he no longer needed him which gives a further reason as to why he could be the one to die.

3. Daryl

- The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Please leave your pitchforks and the angry mob at home for me saying this but my final prediction is Daryl. When I first heard that Negan would be appearing in the season six finale episode I was almost certain that Daryl would meet comic book Glenn’s fate since I’m sure that most of you are aware Daryl is not a comic book character so could easily be swapped in. Now, out of the three predictions that I have made I do think Daryl is the safest due to the popularity of his character. Not that this has ever stopped AMC before but if we think about all of the Daryl Dixon merchandise that would cease to exist killing Daryl could be a massive mistake for AMC. However, if we were to think about the reasons that Daryl could be killed for one it is unclear where he will fit in when the introduction of The Kingdom and All Out War begins. Now I know that he could be slot in somewhere but this storyline is going to so huge and every little detail is going to needed to be accounted for. Another reason that I think Daryl could go is for shock factor. Killing him would be a big blow to the show, being one of the Atlanta 5 and one of the most loved characters.

For now, I guess we’ll just have to wait for the season seven premiere on Sunday 23rd October on AMC to see who was at the end of Lucille. Let me know who you think was lucilled in the comments below or tweet me @propertyofnegan.


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