Arrow: Season 5 Episode 1&2 Review | Emily Rebecca

Okay so I’m basically putting these two episodes together because firstly I feel like episode 1 was kind of an introduction to the season in a way and secondly I totally forgot to write a review to begin with!

Episode 1 – The Last Canary 

So the overall theme of this episode seemed to be the Russian proverb that Oliver referred back to on multiple occasions,

“The shark that does not swim, drowns.”

I think the meaning of this proverb is that everyone just needs to keep moving forward, they’ve had it rough lately so it makes sense that it’s taking them a long time to move forward. This can be seen especially in the core members of Team Arrow, I mean Diggle is completely out of the picture at the moment and I don’t that they Thea could think of anything worse than putting on her Speedy suit. Oliver however seems to be struggling to move on, perhaps because he blames himself for Laurel’s death? Something must also be said about Lance since it’s quite upsetting to see him fall back into his drinking habits as he’s probably had one of the biggest growth arcs of anyone on the show. It was touching to see him and Thea having a little talk alone since Laurel always seemed to be the sister Thea never had.


Now we have to talk about the new big bad of the season who was introduced in this episode, Prometheus. Personally, I haven’t read any of the Arrow comics so don’t know if this character has been taken from there or is just part of the TV Arrowverse but already Prometheus is shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with. Another person we’re going to have to watch out for this season is Tobias Church who already seems to be shaking things up for the Green Arrow. I guess we’ll just have to see what each character brings to the season.

Episode 2 – The Recruits


I was sceptical about this episode because to me , nothing could replace the original team but I was pleasantly surprised. I really didn’t know what to think of Curtis, Evelyn and Rene but I actually really like them. I think I would’ve been in the exact same mindset as them if I had been put through the rigorous training that the Green Arrow had at the beginning of the episode. I’m glad to see that by the end both them and Oliver had learned to trust each other, so much so that they were able to see each other behind their masks.

Another thing that I really loved about this episode was Thea, just in general. I’ll make it well known to everyone that I have a soft spot for Thea and Willa Holland but I really think that Thea stood out. Throughout this episode we got to see how much Thea has grown from being the teenage girl that we saw in season one, now being pretty much the only person behind running the mayors office seeing as though Oliver is now where to be seen most of the time. 


I think that it’s important to show this development because it shows that she has so many more layers to her character than we have originally seen. I also really appreciated the relationship that is beginning to form between Thea and Quentin Lance. As I previously said, Thea always seemed to be like another sister to Laurel and to me it seems that she’s taking on Laurel’s role of looking out for Quentin. Paul Blackthorne did say in interviews that he has been working a lot with Willa so it looks like this relationship is here to stay which I am very happy about.

Finally I must mention Ragman, who’s name I really can’t stop laughing at. I’m really glad to see that Oliver allowed someone else into his circle of trust. I like it a lot when we see someone turn themselves around by the end of the episode.

Let me know if you’ve been loving the new season of Arrow and I promise to keep up to date with reviews from now on!


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