The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 2 – Review | Emily Rebecca


That’s all I felt myself chanting right at the beginning of this episode! Being a fan of the comics I knew that the Kingdom was just around the corner in terms of storytelling and with that came King Ezekiel and Shiva, WHO I ADORE!

I suppose I better get back to talking about the episode itself which I actually quite enjoyed considering I don’t normally like storytelling filler episodes. Although this was a filler episode I understand why it had to be done, we needed to be introduced to the Kingdom since it is such a huge and important part to the rest of The Walking Dead story. Let’s div right into King Ezekiel who is such an interesting character. Right from the beginning he is portrayed as this royal authority figure which is exactly what I wanted to see from him. In my opinion, Khary Payton was such a good choice even though I was a little skeptical of him playing Ezekiel to begin with.

Payton as King Ezekiel alongside Shiva

Side note: The also did an AMAZING job with Shiva!

This episode was centered around Carol and Morgan and how they came to be at the Kingdom. What I loved more than anything else was that we got to see helpless Carol again, I love it so much when she plays this part but of course Ezekiel saw right through it. I am the only one who thinks Carol could actually take on the role the Michonne has in the comics and become a little bit closer to the King? I suppose we’ll have to wait until further in the season to find out. Morgan also showed an interesting side to himself in this episode, after killing the man who attacked Carol he seems to have some conflicting views as to what he once felt was right and wrong. It was also nice to see him show off his fighting style to someone else which had he of not reached the Kingdom I don’t think he ever would have.

I can’t wait to see where the Kingdom takes us in terms of the storyline this season, obviously we have seen that they themselves have a deal with Negan and the Saviours but will the All Out War storyline from the comics come into place this season or perhaps in Season 8 that was recently confirmed? Who knows, I guess we’ll find out soon.


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