The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 4 – Review | Emily Rebecca

I honestly don’t know how I felt about this weeks episode, I mean it didn’t really make me feel anything other than anger! More so than anything I think that this was anger towards Negan and the Saviours as they really rubbed me up the wrong way the whole of the way through this episode.

This episode, we saw Negan in Alexandria for the first time and how the duration of their agreement with him is going to go from now on. As soon as I heard Negan tap three times on the gate I felt such a mixed bag of emotions – I didn’t know whether to be scared or angry at this moment in time. From this moment on I also had a massive problem with Spencer for the entirety of the episode. I’ve never really had a massive “love” for Spencer but he is really starting to push my buttons. He really doesn’t understand the seriousness of the situation and has never really understood in the past all of the issues that the group and the Alexandrian’s have gone through. Further on in the episode I really really wanted to punch Spencer after he makes those remarks about Glenn and Abraham, actually scrap that as much like Rick I’d love to break his jaw.

As much as Negan is threatening the group throughout the episode, I noticed a couple of characters trying to stand up to the Saviours including Carl, Enid and Michonne. Carl really took his life into his own hands literally when he started firing bullets all willy-nilly at one particular Saviour. I honestly thought at this point Negan was going to take Carl back to the Sanctuary and would show him around so that we got a flavour of the comic story but it’s possible that this could happen at a later point. Enid also seemed pretty defiant that she wasn’t going to give up the balloons that she and Glenn had found. It was surprising to see her like this mostly because we haven’t seen all that much of her but if she’s been hanging around with Maggie lately no wonder she’s ready to fight for what she believes in.

I really REALLY hated this guy

Finally Michonne, who seems to be going through an internal struggle at the moment. It must be really difficult for her being the woman who has never stood down from a battle, to comply with Negan’s rules. Seeing her reaction at the end of the episode when she finds the burned mattresses we can see that it looks like she may be complying on the inside but she’s always one step ahead in the way she thinks.

Some other little bits of this episode that I really liked included Negan’s first reaction to Father Gabriel. I feel like he said out loud exactly how a lot of people feel about him including myself as I find him a little odd. Interestingly after Judith being in the show since season 3 we finally found out what Rick’s feelings are about her paternity. Personally I really liked what Sarah Wayne Callies said in a panel a few years back saying that since Rick is raising her HE is her father which is good enough for me. The final thing that I was glad to see was Rosita asking Eugene to begin the process of making bullets which again is a comic book moment which is vital to the story.

Going into next week I’m really excited to see Maggie and Sasha in The Hilltop. Someone please pray with me that Maggie and the baby are okay because at this point I’m really not that optimistic. Let me know what you thought of this weeks episode and what you think is to come!


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