The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 5 – Review | Emily Rebecca

YYEEEEESSSSS! I’ve been waiting for this episode for so long I can’t even deal with it! I really really enjoyed this episode and actually think it was my favourite of the season (excluding the premiere of course) so far.

I’m so unbelievably happy the Maggie Rhee (see what I did there) and the baby are alright. For a hot minute I honestly thought that the writers were just going to be cruel and have her lose the baby which would’ve had me rioting to their offices to murder them all! Moving her and Sasha to the Hilltop was such a good idea in my opinion and right from the get go of this episode it seems to setting up a similar plot to the comics which makes me insanely excited to see what is to come.

I do think they are going to follow the comic book route and have Maggie become the leader of the Hilltop since they’ve clearly shown in this episode that she has everything to become a great leader. I mean the men from the Hilltop were following her orders and she had only been there a handful of times. Another thing is that I think Jesus I had got something up his sleeve in order to help Maggie along the way. In the comics these two form a very special friendship and bond and I can’t wait for that to be played out on screen. And I won’t even go into depth on how much I despise Gregory, I just really hope that he gets his comic book death and Maggie rises to take on the Hilltop. He really really deserved that punch from Maggie after disrespecting her and everyone else for so long. Also that ‘Maggie Rhee’ line is already ICONIC!

One of the things that made me like this episode even more is that we finally got to see more of Enid. I love that her, Maggie and Glenn became somewhat of a family and that even though Glenn is gone her first instinct was to go to Hilltop and see Maggie. I love the scene where she is sitting by Glenn’s (Abraham’s) grave with the balloons and how happy it clearly made Maggie feel to see how much Enid cared.

This. Is. Too. Cute.

I really hope the dynamic between Maggie, Enid and Sasha continues at the Hilltop, well if Gregory doesn’t become even more of a complete arsehole and decide Enid has to go.

Carl and Enid were also little cuties this episode considering it’s taken long enough for the two of them to make any sort of move on each other. I didn’t know how I was going to feel about them together but now that it’s happened I’m so happy about it.

Next week’s episode looks intense and I honestly think the group that Tara and Heath are going to encounter are the whisperers even though it seems way too early in terms of storytelling but I mean I’ll just go with whatever the writers decide.

What did you all think of Go Getters, personally as I said I loved it! Let me know, I’m curious to see if everyone had the same opinion as me.


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