The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 7 – Review | Emily Rebecca

Being such a huge fan of the comic book series, when I heard this episode was titled ‘Sing Me a Song’ I was over the moon! I won’t go into detail about why I was so excited because the writers appeared to stick pretty closely to the comic book storyline but it’s safe to say that this episode was epic for all the right reasons.

I feel like it’s only fitting that we talk about Carl first since Chandler Riggs gave it his all this episode and it totally payed off. I’m really glad Carl ditched Jesus right at the beginning of the episode and grabbed his gun because this was so so close to what happens in the comics when Carl first enters the Sanctuary. Side note, where the hell did Jesus go after he jumped off the top of the truck? Was he the one who gave Daryl the tools for his escape?

Carl. Is. A. BADASS.

Anyway back to Carl who arguably has became one of the only people that possibly threatens/scares Negan. Not that Negan is scared of him per say but he seems to be scared of the person he could become seeing as though he is so young but is so damaged. The dynamic between Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chandler Riggs was amazing too. Since entering the show not long ago JDM has had many difficult, harrowing scenes with different cast members and this was no exception. A particular moment that stood out to me was when Carl showed Negan his eye as Negan seems to do a complete switch around when he says “It’s easy to forget that you’re just a kid.” There’s a sincerity that makes Negan the character that he is in the way that you can go from hating his guts one moment to loving him in the next.

Negan ending the episode in Alexandria whilst holding Judith might I add makes me a little nervous for next week but then again it is the big mid season finale so we’ll see what occurs then.

Other notable mentions this episode include Rosita who really gave Eugene a mouthful which he probably should of heard a while ago in my opinion. Whilst Eugene is finally beginning to contribute something more to the group and the community of Alexandria when you actually think about it he’s probably doing about 20% compared to everyone else.

Let me know your thoughts on this episode and what you think is going to happen in the mid season finale and even beyond that. I’ll be doing a predictions post for the second half of the season after that episode airs and would love some other contributions from other people.


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