A Guide To Walker Stalker Con | Emily Rebecca

It’s that time again! Thinking back now to early 2016 when I was beyond excited for the first ever Walker Stalker Con London, the same emotions are rushing through me now before attending the 2017 and even more emotions are going wild as this year I’ll be attending with a VIP entry ticket! Having said this, there are a few things I’d like to have known before attending and whilst the guys at WSC do everything that they can to ensure that you know as much as possible before the event I’d like to offer some more advice from an attendees point of view. Below are some of my top tips for attending Walker Stalker Con and whilst these are tailored slightly towards the London event I’m sure that these could be used at an convention of theirs.

Buy your tickets in advance


This is a massive convention so more likely than not tickets will be sold out on the day! The team behind WSC will regularly update their Twitter and Facebook pages with how many tickets they have left, alongside some really good BOGOF offers which you should totally snap up! I imagine VIP tickets are sold out but general admission is still an amazing weekend ticket

Line up EARLY

Last year I only attended the Sunday of WSC London so luckily I had heard how busy it had been the day before. Although doors for General Admission opened at 10am me, my friend ad her brother started lining up at 7:30am. There was maybe, 30-50 people in front of us at the this time but if you had seen the queue at the end of the 3 hours before the doors opened you’d realise we 100% had the right plan. Although you’re still going to get into the convention no matter what time you turn up (providing you have a ticket) it’s so important to get into table lines early so that you can make the most of your weekend.


I honestly CANNOT stress this enough. There is no way on this earth that you’d be able to saunter into WSC without throughly thinking it through beforehand. Another thing that I made sure to do last year was plan who I wanted to see, how to fit this around photo ops and how to fit this around panels. All three of these things are going to have huge queues so please take that into account and allow yourself some time for each of them. Also photo ops often tell you to arrive at the photo op queues 20 minutes before you’re scheduled time so make sure you’re not halfway through the queue to see Norman Reedus otherwise there is no way you’re making it out for your photo op.

Prioritise your favourites

Okay so this sounds a little harsh but it’s probably some of the best advice I could give you! Last year I was trying to save a bit of money and therefore decided on certain people I wanted to meet over others. I was fortunate enough to meet Sarah Wayne Callies, Jon Bernthal and Alanna Masteron, all of whom were so incredibly kind and had all the time in the world to speak to me. By the middle of the day Sarah’s queue was full and I don’t think they were letting anyone else in other than on a one in one out basis so I’m so glad I went to see her first and prioritised her. Another little tip I would say is keep an eye out for closed tables as when I passed Alanna’s she was doing photo ops for a little so her line was closed but we were allowed to start queueing as she due to come back.

AM Collage.jpg
Alanna is incredibly sweet, if you have the chance to see her I would highly recommend doing so!

Please don’t go into the event thinking you’re automatically going to get a photo op because 9 times out of 10 they are generally sold out. I heard someone in London last year complaining to the photo ops desk that they had “no idea” that they were on a pre-sale before the event (which I have no idea how you could possibly miss this). Keep an eye out of both the Walker Stalker Twitter and Facebook pages as well as Celeb Photo Ops and James Frazier, they’ll be sure to keep you in the know.

Take your own food and drinks and wear comfy shoes

I can’t stress this enough, I only took a bottle of water with me last year without realising how hungry and thirsty I would be later in the day so ended up spending nearly £5 on a muffin and bottle of water, I honestly could’ve cried. Just be sure that your liquids are sealed and that they can be clearly shown if any security on the entrance doors asks to see that as some venues do. Comfy shoes are also a MUST since you’re going to be on your feet for the majority of the day. Don’t be stupid and wear heeled boots to make yourself look better in photos or whatever because you’ll realise how stupid you’ve been by 5 when you’re crawling like a walker out the door.

Take advantage of panels

Panels are a great way to see some of your favourite cast members if you didn’t manage to secure a photo op or don’t have enough money to go and see them at their table. More often than not they’re free too! This is with the exception of Andrew Lincoln as his panels tend to be a low price pre bought ticket where all of the money goes to charity, I was very lucky to secure a ticket to this last year and it was SO worth it! Panels usually last a good 30-45 minutes so you have plenty of time to take some pics of your favourite celebs. Please note though you will not be able to walk up to and meet the celebrities on stage and please be respectful of the panel host and guest’s wishes.

Be respectful

I feel like I can’t stress this enough! These people came on their own accord to put smiles on the faces of their fans so please respect anything they or their management may want from you. The Walking Dead cast members I’ve met have all been gracious and kind, shaking my hand as soon as I got to them so please give them the common courtesy of doing the same. THIS IS THE SAME FOR THE ORGANISERS! I’ve seen far too many people just being quite simply rude to the Walker Stalker Twitter page and James Frazier in particular. These people don’t have to return to any city they don’t want to so don’t push them to.


The most important part of course is to have an amazing weekend as I’m sure you all will! Let me know if you’ve ever attended a Walker Stalker event or are going to and what you enjoyed or are most looking forward to! See you in London guys!


2 thoughts on “A Guide To Walker Stalker Con | Emily Rebecca

  1. Thank you for posting this! This will be my first walker stalker con but in SF! So totally stoked. I am surprising my husband for our 10 yr wedding anniversary and we have been fans of TWD since the beginning. What better way to celebrate. Got my tickets about 3 wks ago and thank God I did. Saturday is sold out now! Very excited to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Bought a photo op with him!

    Do you think arriving before they open the doors is crucial? I would imagine it would be a lot better. Any tips you can give on selfies, autographs, etc? I bet all the booths are pretty rad.

    Thank you,


  2. So sorry I’ve just seen this! I honestly think arriving is essential, especially if you want to join tables of very popular guests also in regards to selfies and autographs most guests are really easy going. As long as you don’t ask any stupidly outrageous requests they’ll probably be totally fine with most things. Hope you and your husband have an amazing time in San Fran!


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