The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 9 – Review | Emily Rebecca

RISE UP!!! (I promise I’m not singing Hamilton right now.)

That was the general message throughout the promos for the midseason premiere and was presented even further throughout this episode. Between Alexandria, The Hilltop and The Kingdom it looks like people are starting to realise that there’s no way to beat the saviours without a bit of a backbone.

To me this episode was mostly about Rick finally realising that he has to be the one to help gather everyone together in order to take out the Saviours. The leadership and pull that her has over people makes him the kind of person who can lead a revolution, dear God Emily stop, you’re beginning to sound insane – but you get what I mean. In his defeated state throughout 7A everyone just seemedso much more demoralised and now they’re more ready and raring to go.


We also finally got to see the interaction between Rick and co and The Kingdom which has been a long time coming considering the audience met Ezekiel in episode 2 of this season. I still laugh when I hear how people speak to him in regards to his ‘royalty’, even though I’ve read the comics and totally expected it. Rick’s reaction was priceless when Jesus told him they were about to meet King Ezekiel, “King?”. I really hope Ezekiel or perhaps more likely some of his people see sense soon because I really can’t be bothered to have this dragged out for forever more.

Another person I’m already sick of seeing is Gregory. Yes, I understand he his is the *cough* current *cough* leader of The Hilltop but he really is such a jackass. I honestly wanted Daryl to knock him out, considering it looked like he was going to very easily. Everyone knows my feelings towards Maggie becoming the leader and I just want it to hurry up already, even though I know we’ve got a long way to go before then. I was happy to see the people of The Hilltop rising up and getting prepared to fight.

Of course we needed some walker action this episode so what better way than to slice a load of them in half with a long strip of wire. I FUCKING LOVED THIS SCENE. Rick and Michonne going at walkers, making it look like all in a days work. I must admit, I actually liked seeing Rosita take charge even though I’m not her biggest fan. It made a change to see someone different diving in to the difficult situations.

Rick does look like he’s in a Fast and Furious movie I must admit.

Overall I did like this episode but I didn’t really think it was an amazing mid season premiere especially if we compare it to 6×9 ‘No Way Out’. I’m sure we’re going to see so much more this season but I just wasn’t overly impressed. Let me know what you thought of ‘Rock in the Road’ and what you’re looking forward to for the rest of the season.


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