The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 10 – Review | Emily Rebecca

Weird! That’s all I can say about the majority of tonight’s episode. This new group that Rick and co have encountered? Weird. The way they had a human puffer fish as bait? Weird. Gabriel getting brave? Fucking weird.

We’ll start with this new group who are quickly getting right on my nerves. I literally have no idea who or what they thought they were but they clearly thought they were of a higher importance than they were. Mind you, ‘King’ Ezekiel thinks the same thing. Their leader (who’s name I still don’t know and don’t really care to know) was an absolute psycho, throwing Rick off the side of a massive rubbish pile into a pit of death. The cat that Rick gave to Michonne was a nice touch linking back to the prison days – I liked that.


The next thing that really surprised me was Father Gabriel, he actually seemed to have some brains and guts this episode, not as many as Spencer though – too soon? I didn’t really catch what the note he left said in last weeks episode but it all made sense after it was explained that these people were the ones watching the boat and it was one of their boots that we saw. The fact that Father G (I’m calling him that from now on) was willing to kill someone by slitting their throat to save the group shows how he’s came leaps and bounds from when we first met him. That being said I still think I’d throw some people under the bus for an easy ride.

The big moment of this episode for a lot of people was seeing Carol and Daryl reuniting. This was a sweet moment considering the close relationship these two characters have – no I don’t ship it. I do think he should’ve told Carol about Glenn and Abraham but I suppose in terms of storytelling if she finds out later in the season that’ll be an even bigger push for her to fight plus it might be a rift between these two characters. I suppose we’ll soon see.

Overall I wasn’t overly amazed by this episode, in fact I haven’t really been for the back half so far but I hope they’re just gearing up for the last few episodes of the season leading into season 7 for All Out War.




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