Introducing northernedit | northernedit

“Wait what?” I hear you cry! Yep, myyearoutandmore and myself will now go by northernedit and let me tell you why. The name MYOAM was created when I first left my final year of school and didn’t really know what to do with myself. I knew I didn’t want to go to university right that moment but honestly, that was about it. This is why I thought the whole MYOAM thing worked and it did for a little while. The idea of going back into a form of formal education just isn’t what I want to do right now which makes MYOAM a little bit of a weird name for my blog, hence northernedit was born.


I toyed with a few new names to call my own. It’s such a weird concept, picking your own name. I mean I imagine with most people their parents were the ones that named them so that’s all you kind of go with so picking your own is such a weird feeling. Anyways, northernedit seemed to work for me and I’ll tell you why. I’m a northern girl, from the North East of England in fact (could you actually imagine if I was southern, that would be awkward) and I’m proud of it! There’s a very long list of talented people that have came out of the North East of England who I’ve found to be very influential. I’d like to think that possibly one day I’ll figure out life (I wish) and have a career as brilliant as some of these people. So yeah, ‘northern’ fit. In terms of ‘edit’ for one it sounded nice (I know so basic) and two I wanted to make sure I kept this blog open. I love doing reviews of TV and Film, it makes me beyond happy but I wanted to possibly venture into writing more editorial and creative pieces so I hope this helps me to do that.

I just wanted to let everyone know that although names and all those things connected to that are changing, I’ll still be the same old sarcastic, nagging person that always writes these blog posts so you’ve got nothing to worry about there. Much love to you all, Emily!


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