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WOW WOW WOW! I’m actually going to cry about the fact that I’m home and no longer at WSC London aka the best weekend of my life. After attending last years event I really didn’t know if I would be disappointed or not but I 100% wasn’t! Anyways I’ll skip the picking up of tickets and all the travel and talk about the two days of the event. Oh by the way, I was a VIP attendee which may help explain how I did so well.


I arrived around 8am which wasn’t too bad seeing as though VIP attendees were allowed in at 9am and honestly didn’t have much planned seeing as though my Andrew Lincoln photo op was at 10.30 however I saw that Josh McDermitt had a reasonable sized queue and I really wanted to meet him. Thank God I decided to meet him in this moment because later that day and the day after his queue was INSANE. Josh was so so lovely, even crouching down to my size to get selfies with me. Although it was a little steep price wise he took 10 on my phone and actually took time to talk to everyone in his queue which made a HUGE difference. He also called me “bite sized” and “babe” which I will forever cling to.

Next up I had my photo op with Andy! I was SO SO lucky to get this seeing as though they pretty much went in seconds. When I got to the front of the photo op line I just kind of just said Hi and he said Hi back which for some reason made us both giggle a bit so in my photo he’s got a right grin on his face. I absolutely adore this photo and knowing that Andy gives so much of the money he makes at WSC to charity makes me feel even better. As I was leaving he asked where I was from and after finding out it was Newcastle proceeded to shout “HOWAY THE TOON” in a Geordie accent. Please imagine this, Rick Grimes shouting in a Geordie accent.

Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes

Next up was Andy’s panel which had seating for VIP, Gold and Platinum attendees only which although a lot of General Admission attendees complained, was a nice perk for those of us who had paid a little extra for the con. I was lucky enough to get a seat in Andy’s panel last year with Norman Reedus and he did not disappoint this year when he brought out Chandler Riggs. Listening to the two of them was a blast.

Straight after Andy’s panel I headed upstairs to Tom Payne’s line as I knew his line had been long all day however I did not anticipate sitting there for 2 and half hours. Unfortunately Tom wasn’t feeling too good on the day of the con and had to leave the floor after his photo ops downstairs. I would’ve totally understood if he had of not came back, it’s just one of those thing but when I saw him coming around the corner he got the biggest cheer from his line! Top man all around! I remember watching Tom in Waterloo Road years ago and I told him this which made him laugh a little, despite him still not looking too well. A volunteer kindly took photos during our conversation too.

I didn’t really have much planned for the rest of the day until my photo op later with Lauren Cohan so I kind of just sat around with the squad of the weekend! Honestly WSC would not have been what it was without Georgia, Laura, Maddy and Ryan, all of whom apart from Laura I met through Twitter and the Walking Dead.

SQUAD GOALS: Ryan Maddy Georgia Me Laura

Georgia had really wanted to meet Nestor Carbonell all day as she is a huge Lost fan and had also watched Bates Motel which I am halfway through and am already a massive fan of so I said I’d come with her since he had no one at his table at the time. Nestor was such a sweetheart and kindly let me into Georgia’s photos even though I hadn’t payed so I gained some photos with Sheriff Romero.

Nestor Carbonell aka Sheriff Romero/Richard Alpert

The last part of my day was my photo op with Lauren Cohan. Anyone who knows me knows that Maggie always has and always will be my favourite character on the show so when Lauren got announced last minute I was almost in tears. Most of my friends had met her earlier in the day in her line but I wanted to wait until my photo op. As soon as I saw her I began to shake, she’s honestly even prettier in person. I got to the front of the line and was shouted for to come for my photo. Even though it was 7pm at this point Lauren was still happy and cheery saying Hi as soon as I got close to her. The guys in front of me were being called back for a retake since one of them must have blinked so I stood out the way for them but Lauren pulled me back and said “It’s fine we can do ours first” and then our photo was took. Let it be said I never ever smile with my teeth in photos and with this I am and I honestly don’t think I could’ve been happier. When I went back over to meet Georgia my hands were shaking, I couldn’t believe I had actually met Maggie Rhee.

Lauren Cohan aka Maggie Rhee/Greene (I got this signed the next day)


This has nothing really to do with the convention but it was chucking it down with rain on the Sunday morning so I stood with a sweatshirt over my head and a t shirt on because I didn’t want my hair to get wet.

Anyways the first thing I did this day was run to Lauren’s table to get my photo signed. I knew Lauren’s table line had been so long the day before so I wanted to do this first thing in the morning. I met a lovely girl in the line who kindly held my space when I was going to go to the toilet but after taking 5 steps, Lauren came up the stairs and I realised my loo trip could wait. Again much like the day before Lauren was so lovely although I didn’t really say much to her because 1 her line was moving so quickly and 2 I was so flustered I just didn’t know what to do! I did thank her for coming and she said she was glad it had all worked out so I took this as she had wanted to come all along.

After this I kind of wandered around until my Jeffrey Dean Morgan photo op at midday. When I did go for my JDM photo op I was beyond excited as Negan is one of the comic book characters that I was so excited for (and I mean JDM, what a man). Once I got to the front of his line we both said hi and he then said “Do you want a hug?”. I honestly don’t even know if if replied or if I just leant in for a hug because his voice is just so amazing that I lost it. He has the tightest most loving hug ever and this makes me really love my photo with him. As I was leaving he hugged me harder and I’m fairly certain he almost broke my ribs, thanks Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka Negan

The only other person I met this weekend was Freddie Highmore. I knew I had wanted to meet Freddie since I started watching Bates Motel a few weeks ago and since everyone had said he was so kind and sweet it made me want to go even more. Luckily with my VIP pass I got to skip past all of the General Admission attendees he had waiting for him.When I got to his table he signed my autograph whilst we talked. I told him I had only started watching Bates a few weeks ago and that I was midway through season 3. Much like everyone else he told me I had get to Season 4 and that they had just wrapped Season 5 which was quite sad. He also laughed when I said I had watched the first season in a weekend. I’d highly recommend anyone to meet Freddie and I’m glad his first con went well!

Freddie Highmore aka Norman Bates

Well that’s pretty much my whole weekend summed up! I said I wasn’t going to go next year but let’s be real I was lying, I CAN’T WAIT! I’m heading back down for another Fan Fest convention ‘Heroes and Villains Fan Fest’ in May so if you’re going let me know! If any of you have attended a WSC or have met any of the cast members that I did let me know because I’d love to know what you though.

Check out my Twitter @propertyofnegan to see how my whole weekend went and my reactions throughout the day!


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