The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 16 – Review | northernedit

I can’t quite believe it’s here, it’s too soon for it to be the season finale of The Walking Dead. I can’t wait another 6 months for more content from this cast. Okay, now that I’ve had my mini panic let’s get into talking about possibly my favourite episode of the season, ‘The First Day of the Rest of Your Life’.

I think it would be rude for me not to start this review with a simple RIP Sasha. I had a feeling from around the time of the mid season premiere that Sasha was going to be killed at the end of the season. This and that fact that so many people online said that they thought the same thing. Now I’m not saying that I ‘enjoyed’ her death but I think it was beautifully done. Yes it was brutal and yes it’s sad that she’s gone but she got a huge, extravagant death which she 100% deserved. I feel like we hardly got to see Sasha and could’ve explored her so much more but I feel like the scale of her death sort of makes up for how badly she was treated this season. It’s also worth noting that Sonequa will go on to amazing things after TWD and her talent will not be wasted elsewhere.

Let’s get onto the rest of the episode. I didn’t trust the garbage people as soon as we first met them a few episodes ago but seeing them in this episode made me question them even more. I thought something was fishy right from the moment when the woman with Michonne on the rooftops began to call the shots AND I WAS RIGHT! I love being right. I really hope this is the last we see of them because Jesus after how much their leader creeped me out tonight, I really don’t want to see them again.


THE KINGDOM AND HILLTOP PULLED THROUGH! Although I had no doubts that my woman Maggie Rhee, big up Maggie, would pull though I did have my reservations about how involved The Kingdom would get. I was fist pumping so hard when Shiva pounced on Negan’s men, saving Carl in the process. Yes, I am now a Shiva stan. I’m going to include a brilliant photo of the BTS shooting of Shiva because I’m really sorry to tell you but they don’t use a real tiger.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 21.33.24

My favourite part of the episode was 10000000% the ending. Maggie’s monologue was absolutely beautiful and I didn’t even cry which is such an achievement for me. To me this whole thing tied the season together because as much as I’ve moaned about it we’re finally ready for war. I actually got shivers seeing Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel together talking to everyone and it made me beyond happy. It’s worth noting now that the season 8 premiere will be the 100th episode of the show which is a huge milestone so I’m expecting great things! However my one question is, where the hell is Gregory?

Let me know if you enjoyed this season finale as much as I did and are you looking forward to season 8? I need some shows to see me over until October so if you have any suggestions please feel free to recommend.



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