Prison Break: Ogygia & Kaniel Outis – Review | northernedit

So I missed my chance to review the first episode on it’s own so here’s a review of the firs two episodes of the Prison Break Revival! I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S FINALLY HERE!


So Prison Break is back and OMG I’m so happy about it! I can’t believe we finally get to revisit these characters that we left behind 7 years ago. I must admit I think the way they revealed the photo of Michael that we saw so long ago in the first trailer that was released was brilliant. Only T-Bag could end up with the photo of Michael and with it bring all sorts of speculation from Lincoln and Sara. It’s also quite scary to see how easily Robert Knepper has slid back into the iconic southern accent that T-Bag is so well known for. I’ll let it be known now that I do not trust Jacob, I don’t care if he’s been helping Sara through her grief it’s just that something doesn’t sit right with me. Even if he did get shot by that woman who if obviously with some sort of corrupt organisation. Then again it wouldn’t be Prison Break if there weren’t a corrupt organisation would it. Also an honourable mention must go to Mike releasing that everything related to Michael because he could see it in Sara’s face *dies*.

Purcell and Callies as Lincoln Burrows and Sara Scofield

My heart broke for the second time this episode when Lincoln and C-Note finally made it to the prison in Yemen ‘Ogygia’ and met with Kaniel Outis. We all know Michael is clever enough to figure everything out but seeing him walk away with such sadness and Lincoln crying out his name literally killed me *dies again*. I suppose we’ll have to wait until the episode titled Kaniel Outis to see what happens next with this ever ongoing story.

Kaniel Outis

Obviously before starting this season I knew it was going to be action packed to the brim because let’s be real here, when isn’t Prison Break but two episodes in and there’s already so much to talk about.

First let’s talk about Michael’s escape plan with the fellow prisoners. Michael’s without a doubt had this plan in place since the moment he entered this prison and it’s undoubtedly got 1000 layers behind it which we as an audience are soon going to see unfold. Including that fact that by the end of the episode we learned that is he is seemingly going to help break out one of the most well known terrorists in Yemen. I’m sure not everything is as it seems but at this moment in time I’m thinking MICHAEL WHAT ARE YOU DOING!


I died a few times in the first episode and I died again twice in this episode, both n regards to Michael and Sara. First off all the video, dear lord I couldn’t take it. The mirroring image of Michael and Jacob (piss off) and Sara then looking at Michael *dies*. I then died again when Mike was given the origami rose after Michael having it sent and Sara knowing exactly who it was from straight away *dies again*.

Also a shoutout to Paul Kellerman, I love to hate that man.

Anyway that’s my wrap up of the first 2 episodes of Prison Break. I absolutely adore that they brought the show back and I can’t believe that it feels exactly the same all this time later. Let me know if you’re watching and how you’re feeling about it all so far.


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