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So this past weekend I attended yet another Fan Fest event after attending Walker Stalker Con in March. A little background before we begin though, like I said before I have attended WSC before with both a GA and VIP pass but for HVFF I decided to only do one day GA.

Saturday: Con Day

Since I was only a GA pass when attending HVFF I decided it would probably be best for me to get to the event pretty early. I had read the panel schedule the a few days before and was screaming from the rooftops when I saw that John Barrowman’s panel was on the Saturday because in all honesty the only reason I booked the Saturday was because I thought he would do it that day *self high five*. The only problem being that the panel started at 10:45am and GA were only going to be let in at 10:30am however let us all praise the very nice man who stood over the balcony of the ‘holding pen’ where we were stood and let us in at 10:00am on one condition. Mexican wave!

I made a beeline for John’s panel as soon as we were let in and weirdly enough ended up in the section where Gold VIP attendees usually sit after being moved forward a few rows to fills seat spaces on rows. John’s panel was such a laugh as I expected it would be. Many times before I’ve sat watching Youtube videos of his panels and either cried, almost pee’d myself or both and let me tell you he did not disappoint. I’ll always have a respect for John as he had so much time for everyone there, including young kids who he hoisted up on stage just for a chat. I actually had a photo op with him straight after his panel so I had to dash out right before the end to join the queue. If you’d like to see me looking like an idiot doing this check out Stephen Amell’s Instagram video and you’ll see me shimmying under the barrier on the left hand side (what a fucking idiot).

As I said I had my photo op with John Straight after this and here it is.


I then proceeded to look at how long John’s queue was to get my photo op signed at it was hell on earth. After walking around the floor for a little while I decided to bite the bullet and just wait, little did I know that I’d be waiting 3 HOURS! Credit to him though he got through one of the longest queues all weekend. When I got to the front of his queue he told me our photo op had turned out really lovely (he’s called me gorgeous in the photo op and I bloody died). We then got some fabulous selfies before I had to sprint to my Stephen Amell photo op.

I literally ran down the line and had to get rushed into my op as I was one of the last ones. I actually think that they thought I was in the group before but never mind because I managed to get the photo op anyways.

Yes, I know I’m small!

Later that day Stephen was very very kind enough to open up his autograph line to anyone, even those who hadn’t bought pre sale autos. It was pretty late in the day so he wasn’t doing any personalisation or names on the autos but I did get an XO on it. I thanked him for opening up the lines considering I was only there for a day and walked away with a huge smile on my face after thinking I wasn’t going to get an auto.

That’s really all I did that day, I wish I could’ve met Katie Cassidy and Michael Rooker but standing in John’s queue really took up most of my time but I suppose there’s always next time. Also to the people who told me that I looked like Willa Holland you the real MVP’s!

A special note has to be made to the HVFF team, James, the Olympia staff and volunteers last weekend as despite everything that had gone on the week before the safety and security was insane. I felt so comfortable and at ease this weekend and that’s how it should be so a real well done guys. Overall I had an amazing day and can’t wait to do WSC for the third year running in March.


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